Check out Christopher and Raheem’s maths game!

Posted on Thursday, January 26th, 2017 at 12:32 pm

Christopher and Raheem used scratch to create a maths game.

Do you know the types of algorithms they used?


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5 Responses to “Check out Christopher and Raheem’s maths game!”

  1. 19uhunomao says:

    I like your game!!!


  2. 19jessicac says:

    It is Dili cooooooooooooool


  3. 19khiara says:

    This is so easy because everyone know’s what 10×5=50 and 10×10=100 also10x3=30.I think you could of made it trickey like zanabs and Naomi’s one

    khiara albert year 4


  4. 19estherm says:

    Its to easy


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